A Quick Overnight Trip: Jungfraujoch!

You know by now that we love the Bernese Oberland (with much adoration for Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken, and Grindelwald in year one of our adventure!) and have been eager to see as much of it as possible.

Bernese Oberland Spots
Sort of hard to see graphic on the train of some of the Bernese Oberland favorites!

After truly believing that this parenting thing was really going to happen, we started to prioritize which trips were a must-do before strollers and (baby) snack times were involved. Quickly, Santorini sprung to the top of the list, and so did the famed Jungfraujoch – called “The Top of Europe” (but actually just the highest train station in Europe!)

Jungfrau Top of Europe

Jungfraujoch is expensive for travelers (about $180 for a return trip, we used our half fare cards for the reduced rate) so again, I truly believe that you need to have a half-fare or a Swiss Pass to make it worth it. You also need to have a beautiful weather day to see the views and justify the cost – my in-laws visited on a total whiteout day and couldn’t see a thing.

Both of those things in mind, throughout the fall and early winter, each weekend that we didn’t have ironclad plans, I had kept my eye on the Swiss Alps weather in the hopes we might have an opportunity to go up.

A weekend at the beginning of December finally presented itself, and we jumped on an early morning train from Geneva, took many transfers…

Jungfraubahn – the last train!

and about four and a half hours later…

Nicole at the Top of Jungfraujoch
Gazing into 2019

We were in awe. There are some exhibits you can see at the top in addition to the view like the Ice Palace…

But really, it’s all about the view.

Jungfraujoch Views
Jungfraujoch Views

Finally the sun was setting, and it was time for our overnight stay in Murren (you might remember it from a hike we did on our stay to Lauterbrunnen!) Unfortunately, the town was completely empty and it was about 33 degrees Fahrenheit, so instead of a beautiful fluffy snow, we had pelting, heavy freezing rain which made us turn quickly back to Geneva on Sunday morning. But we had an incredible experience that we are so glad we did, stroller-free! We promise we will take you back someday, Baby Ford!

Sunset at Jungfraujoch
Sunset at Jungfraujoch

My in-laws arrive today and my last post of the year goes live this weekend – if you follow me on Instagram you might already know what’s coming – but it’s a true Christmas spectacular! 

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  1. You picked a perfect day. This is a dream trip for us.

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    1. We can’t recommend it more strongly! Absolutely a bucket list location!!

      Liked by 1 person

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