Enchantée! I’m Nicole …

iPhone portrait mode ❤

and my husband and I are American expats currently abroad in Geneva, Switzerland.

Full of Swiss pride!

We both grew up in blissful small towns on the East Coast but have been very fortunate to travel as young adults …

Babies in Paris in 2009 – can you believe how much iPhone cameras have improved?


so we thought often about spending time overseas. This opportunity is one of our greatest dreams realized.

And our biggest dream of all came true a year into our adventure when our little boy arrived in Geneva! 

He is a travel star already!

You can check out the places we have visited so far in Switzerland and beyond at with and without the little guy at our travel tracker here. 

By trade, I have spent more than seven years in content creation and engagement marketing within agency, B2B, and higher education environments. As I have long loved to write, research, and plan trips, in an to keep our loved ones updated about life abroad, I am sharing our travel and everyday experiences during this exciting chapter on the blog. Because we spent a decade in the city before moving to Switzerland, you can also find some Philadelphia love and recommendations  too!

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Merci beaucoup!


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All photos are my own unless otherwise sourced and taken on an iPhone.  I am an amateur photographer in every sense and occasionally use an olloclip lens for wide, fisheye, and macro shots. I edit in the iPhone app, Snapseed.