How to Abbey Chase in Yorkshire

We had an amazing trip to the US in August where our families planned so many celebrations for us so that our beloved friends and family could meet James in our home states of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. It was such a joy to introduce him to the people we adore so much and also have him christened in Bobby’s home church – we won’t soon forget how treasured everyone made our little family feel! 

Our dear friends were house sitting in Yorkshire, England for their own friends who kindly allowed James and I to stay in their little country oasis along with them. I wish I could show you how truly gorgeous this home was, but you know, privacy. Picture a Restoration Hardware model home where everything felt pristine but yet very cozy and comfortable. When I grow up, this is the sort of place I’d love to live. 

Throughout our visits (and during nap times) …we had our Wuthering Heights moment and drove through the  purple heather-filled North York Moors …

as well as Yorkshire Dales National Parks. It was all truly a feast for the eyes enjoyed alongside truly wonderful friends. James is a newly minted Anglophile now too and we loved our time together. He was a real trooper and I’m so happy he could see the place where my love of travel all began, with people we adore so much. 

That said, when we walked in the door we both fully collapsed in exhaustion. I’ll be very relieved to have his dad alongside us for our next flight to Prague, next weekend! Right afterwards, we visit Vienna with my mom!

But before all that, we can’t wait for my beloved aunts to arrive tomorrow and show them James’ “hometown” of Geneva!



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