Happy New Year! Travel Resolutions for 2019

travel new year's

I hope that you had an amazing holiday season with people you love. Ours was so special and I’ll be sharing it here soon. If yours was awful, as we can all recognize it can be for some people, congratulations, you got through it!

As I was thinking about our year of so much change and what we hope for 2019, I recalled the author Zora Neale Hurston who said (pardon my paraphrase) there are years that ask questions, and years that answer.


For us, this was a formula that 2017 and 2018 fulfilled perfectly. 2017 was often a personal and professional kick in the teeth that left our minds reeling and then 2018 was such a gift. While we said goodbye to Philly, we fell in love with Switzerland, explored a dozen plus countries in 9 months with our growing family, and new and old friends, and celebrated the impending arrival of our first baby. So much became clear this year about ourselves, each other, and the people we love, and we won’t ever forget it.
In the spirit of resolutions and hopes for the coming year, I am committing destinations to the blog that we aim to visit. Maybe they won’t all happen this year (particularly with Swiss Baby F just weeks from arrival) but I also never dreamed we would explore as much as we did in 2018, so I’m putting these out with a optimistic spirit. I hope that you can give me some suggestions about what to hit and skip!


A note that those of you who are parents… you might hysterically laugh at this list and our positivity and a year from now I might do the same. I agree that I’m being overly ambitious and have no idea what I’m in for post-baby. But you have to enthusiastically have hope, right?!

European Travel: alphabetical list, not by priority! 
  • Austria (Vienna ✅ – Salzburg ✅ .)
  • Croatia (Dubrovnik, Split, Korcula, Hvar)
  • Czech Republic (Prague ✅ )
  • France (Bordeaux, Burgundy ✅ , Champagne, Normandy)
  • Germany (Munich ✅ , Berlin, Black Forest)
  • Italy (Piedmont ✅ , Portofino,Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Southern Coast)
  • Norway (Oslo, Fjords, find a way to see Northern Lights?)
  • Portugal (Algarve region, Sintra ✅, Porto ✅, Lisbon ✅)
  • Scotland (Edinburgh, Highlands/countryside)
  • Spain (Seville ✅ ,  Southern Coast ✅, Barcelona)
Within Switzerland Travel:

If you have suggestions about products that make your “traveling with babies” life easier, please shout! 

I also promise I’ll soon be sharing an update on another resolution – to improve our French. I know I’ve kept you in the dark since my despondent post about my very poor early progress. Pardon the tease, but stay tuned!

With love and warm wishes for your best year yet …

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  1. kevin ford says:

    Yo-yo travel stroller or the Duna travel stroller (we have the Duna) but regs in Europe are different than US. We love the Duna!


    1. Thank you dad!!! We have the Yo-Yo and are obsessed!!!!


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