How to Savor Late Fall in Grindelwald

While all of our international travels have been so special, we never want to forget about our “adopted home” country of Switzerland 🇨🇭. We’ve loved our visits to Lauterbrunnen and Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland, and upon my mom’s first visit, knowing her adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors, I wanted to share this region with her as well – in part to celebrate her birthday!

We enjoyed a few lovely days in Geneva (how cute is my mom?)

and then left my husband to head off to the mountains!

EAT & drink:

The food in Grindelwald didn’t blow us away (which is a bummer, because my mom is both a talented cook and like me, is an extremely enthusiastic food and drink connoisseur.) I think this was in part because we visited in October, again sort of a shoulder season (hey I know that I talk about it all the time, but it’s part of the reason we can afford to travel this much!) a lot of the major restaurants were closed for a rest before ski season. Those drinking should enjoy the local lager, Rugenbräu! We did have a really inventive dinner at our hotel….


The Hotel Kirchbühl (you can use this link for 10% offIt was lovely except that the walk up the hill to the hotel, with or without luggage, was truly a challenge. There was a shuttle from the center of town to the hotel, but the times were sort of inconsistent, so it was a little useless to us. But the room views were just off the charts…

Grindelwald View from Hotel Kirchbul
Grindelwald View from Hotel Kirchbühl

Definitely go up Grindelwald First (discounts with a Swiss Pass or half fare card!) absolutely do the one hour hike to Lake Bachalspee, and if you have time, visit the Gletscherschlucht, the glacier caves in Grindelwald.

Grindelwald First
Grindelwald First

After a great weekend in Geneva, we took off for the Swiss Alps, this time to tourism favorite Grindelwald (not at all related to the new Harry Potter franchise.) We took the always efficient railway system to Grindelwald and enjoyed the “end of foliage” views on our way up the base.

We visited Grindelwald just after the local farmers brought their cows down from the alpine mountains, as the weather started to turn cold. In many Swiss towns, this annual task becomes an event, where the cows are paraded through the streets to much acclaim. We missed the parade, but saw many cows very closeby, and it also meant we went to sleep to the gentle hum of cowbells each night from new friends in town. Who needs white noise in nature?

Cows in Grindelwald
Cows in Grindelwald

We had truly gorgeous weather during our entire day and enjoyed our first day in town just soaking up the gingerbread-like homes …

Gingerbread Houses in Grindelwald
Gingerbread Houses in Grindelwald

enjoying the views from our hotel…

Hotel Kirchbul View
Room at Hotel Kirchbul View

and had cocktail and mocktails on the deck.

Deck at Hotel Kirchbul
Deck at Hotel Kirchbul

The next morning, we decided to head up First and do the one hour hike to Lake Bachalspee, known to be stunning in the spring and summer, and we hoped it would agree with the fading fall weather. We were not disappointed!

The one hour hike is described as “easy” but there are a few steep inclines so I think “intermediate” might be a more fair description!

The lake was absolutely worth the effort!

Mom and I at Lake Bachalspee
Mom and I at Lake Bachalspee


The sun was shining, the water was sparkling, and we could have sat up there all day. My adorable mom even brought her knitting for a little lakeside stitching.

We finally proceeded down and decided to walk out to the panorama view of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau mountains out at the First Cliff Walk. The cost without a half-fare or Swiss Card is 60 CHF – pricey but worthwhile on a beautiful day!

Mom was very scared of the staggering height but hung in there!

After conquering our fears, we enjoyed a late lunch up on the deck.

The next morning, we walked to the glacier gorge canyon, Gletscherschlucht, which was a surprising amount of hills! But we loved the views along the way in this unbelievable little town.

The cost was 19 CHF for adults and a neat experience to see how much the glacier’s natural landscape has shaped the region over the years. We’re told that on a nice day, you can see some mountain climbers scaling the rocks!

Last, we took in our last views of the incredible valley.


My mom is the person who has inspired my boundless curiosity and love of travel more than anyone else, so it was truly such a joy to share in our beautiful country with her – she was ideal to savor this natural paradise alongside. I’m so thrilled she now can share in our adoration for this treasured corner of the world. She is such a blessing to us and is going to be the most wonderful grandmother to our baby this spring! I’m so pleased we had this “last trip just us” together to celebrate the end of this special chapter, and the dawn of a new one!

Next is our quick trip to London to see the faltering World Championship Philadelphia Eagles and Harry Potter, naturally! Hoping to get that post out as well as a weekend in Madrid before our family arrives for our Christmas in Chamonix next week!!!🎄

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