How to: Mellow Out in Mykonos

After leaving Athens, we took an early flight to Mykonos for three days of sun and relaxation! It absolutely did not disappoint.


Enjoy the breakfast buffet at your hotel! (Anecdotally) nearly all the resorts include free breakfast and the options are amazing. If you want to leave the reservation, try dinner at the excellent Hippie Fish!

Dinner views at Hippie Fish

The Saint John Hotel! We used and got a great deal (see below for some “time of year” recommendations to go to Mykonos.)

St. John Villas in Mykonos
St. John Hotel in Mykonos

Most of Mykonos is party-central  and normally we would have indulged a bit, but a pregnant trip to Mykonos is very, very different. As with most trips, I had a very detailed trip itinerary with potential day trips, worried that we would get lounge-weary at the pool. We did none of these items and only left the hotel once for our Hippie Fish. dinner. Don’t be afraid to hang!

Pool View at St. John Villas in Mykonos
believe me, you won’t feel the need to leave

Most of our trips historically are urban explorations or activity-filled adventure trips. We really infrequently go on a beach vacation to just hang. It’s a multi-part equation – we are lucky that our family and friends live at many wonderful beach towns on the East Coast that we get to explore in the summers, so we often scratch that itch with thanks to their generous open door policies. It’s also in part because of all of the following: we are winter spirits at heart, we are Irish (#sunburngenetics), and for me, trips should unlock an opportunity for my curious mind to unleash and learn. Beaches infrequently present that, with good reason!

Beach at St. John's
beautiful beaches at St. John’s Hotel!

The Saint John Hotel was a treat. Each morning we enjoyed an enormous and plentiful spread of unreal Greek yogurt, sweet, and savory options. So much so that (even pregnant) I often skipped lunch altogether and cruised straight till dinner! We also enjoyed dinner at the resort two evenings, and one night went out to Hippie Fish. 

The hotel overlooks one of the most gorgeous spots in Mykonos, the bay of Agios Ioannis and has incredible views of the island of Delos. A helpful hint that we visited at the end of September, the end of peak season, and got an unbelievable room rate. Don’t be afraid to lean into shoulder seasons!

Pool at St. John's
Pool at St. John’s

With our time to sit uninterrupted at the pool without anyone requiring our attention running short,  we relished in the time to read and reflect in the most incredible views. Even at this really gorgeous spot, there were cats.  

Perhaps even more annoying than the omnipresent felines, there were also some annoying Canadians (I know, surprising!) who would not stop badgering us about Trump. While I am truly relishing in this break from the US newscycle of volatility and despair, as an American abroad, I would love to no longer be constantly asked about our President. So if you ever see me traveling, don’t mention him to me! I have exhausted all my diplomatic replies.

In part to ditch the Canadians, we left the resort exactly once to walk less than 10 minutes down the road to Hippie Fish , featured in the 80s British rom-com Shirley Valentine. The restaurant was built in the 1960s but has a really beautifully modern vibe with a stunning view, and serves only Aeagan-caught seafood and local produce. My husband enjoyed the whole “just caught” fish of the day. Again expect lots of capers and feta throughout every meal! Also a tip when making plans in the  Greek islands – when calling to make a reservation, ask when a restaurant’s sunset typically is (if they have a view). When we visited, it was around 7pm, so we got there around 630pm to be sure we were seated to enjoy it. We also were the first down for a pre-dinner cocktail at the Saint John Hotel to ensure we caught the sunset.

Sunset at St. John's
Sunset at St. John’s

With a beautiful pool and private beach, beyond Hippie Fish, there was no need to leave the Saint John Hotel. If you fear boredom on the island and want my once planned itinerary, please feel free to reach out. 

I mentioned above that we visited just before high season was wrapping, and were able to get a great hotel rate, which surprised me. While I assumed it was packed during Europe’s normal tourist high season, July – August, In my mind, Greece was sort of like the Caribbean – that you can visit at any month. I was mistaken! There is very much a high and low season (April – September) so don’t try to plan a honeymoon here if you have a winter wedding!

Pool views St. John's

We feel so fortunate to have experienced this beautiful island as part of our “babymoon/early wedding anniversary/we’ve been together for more than 10 years?” vacation. Next up is Santorini. Have I ever built up a travel destination so much in my mind before visiting? Likely, no… my verdict to come next week!

Greece blue and white
Had always dreamed Greece would be a sea of blue and white!

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  1. Bob Ford says:

    That sunset at St. John’s pic is off the chart!


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