Some (big and little) personal news…

I have something personally thrilling to share today, and have been tight-lipped for a few reasons. But I’ve been working on our Paris trip post and tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, so  I’m a little schmoopy. And, since I’m also heading back to the US next week for a very special party, it seems time to share that…

We are expecting our first baby in March (and are not finding out the gender to test every level of our patience!)

Did you notice fewer pictures of beer, increased chocolate intake, and more oversized outfits? And also, no skydiving or second paragliding trips? 😉Despite exhaustion, queasiness, headaches, forced sobriety and desperately missing unpasteurized cheese, I can’t tell you how overjoyed we are and how fortunate we feel.

I have had a FEW 0.0% alcohol beers when I so needed to scratch the beer itch – my genetic makeup is British, Irish, and French…so sobriety been a real challenge.

I am 22 weeks and loved ones have asked, what’s taking me so long to share “publicly” – a.k.a. why has it not made my Instagram yet!?

First, in part because we had a difficult miscarriage last year, and have been wracked with anxiety about a second one. But we’ve now passed most of the milestones with “magnifique” ultrasounds (so says the doctors, not me… #alreadyabraggyparent) so we are finally starting to breathe and believe.

I will also admit that in the moments after our loss, it was sometimes tough seeing couples (even ones I completely adored) post announcements about their avocado-sized little ones on the way. I have wanted to been cognizant in avoiding the hypocrisy of a self-congratulatory celebration if you are in that boat today.

But please note I am not at all ragging on internet shares of exciting moments! After all – I’m doing the same right now! All babies are blessings and anyone should rejoice however they like. I just mean to say that when your heart is in a blender in the dark days, it often feels like pregnant people are stalking you and you can’t even mindlessly scroll the Internet as escapism without a reminder of what you are so sorely missing. I hesitate to add to that frustration, but I’m also open with our experience and often people ask for advice. Feel free to reach out to me if you or someone you love is dealing with miscarriage – particularly very happy to give guidance on what to say/what not to say (which is oftentimes more important.)

I absolutely promise we’ll lighten things up from here (Paris and Greece posts are on the way!) and note that this blog will not become all baby all the time – there is already an overabundance of quality content on the subject all over the Internet! But I will share some of the uniqueness of having a baby abroad, and in Switzerland in particular. We recognize life is about to change dramatically so once we are back on the travel buggy (which, by the way, is the much-loved BabyZen YoYo stroller which folds up into the airplane overhead bin!)  I’ll share what will be the chaos of Europe with a baby in tow.

If you have any recommendations on products you love that are travel friendly/have foolproof ways to not be the family everyone hates on the train/plane… please let me know!! 

And if you are a powerful prayer warrior – please send some up for us, our first little one, our second little one for a safe arrival, and for anyone who is trying.

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Overjoyed and praying for this little Swiss- American miss or mister!


  2. Suzie says:

    Couldn’t be more excited for the new addition to our family.


  3. Mike Gibeault says:

    What T said 🙂 love you guys and am soo happy for you!


  4. Laura Lee says:

    What wonderful news!! How exciting. We are delighted for both! xo


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