How To Love Lavaux [even when vineyards are closed!]

In April, we were thrilled that two of our best friends came to visit us in Geneva.
S went to high school with my husband and started dating his wife, A, roughly around the same time my husband and I started dating (more than a decade ago!) and in the years since, they have become not only our “go-to” couple – but some of our all-time favorite people. We helped each other secretly procure engagement rings, stood alongside each other at our weddings, and throughout the years in Philly collectively consumed enough alcohol together to fill Lake Geneva on many nights of endless belly laughs.💛 To wax poetically for a second, our friendship with them in tough years and easy ones is one of our great joys.
group photo on S&A’s first day in Geneva at the jet!
Okay – returning from that temporary nostalgia commercial break and back to regularly scheduled programming. During their visit, we toured around Old Town Geneva…
climbed Mont Saléve with A’s London-based visiting dad (and enjoyed a spectacular tasting menu with him at Domaine Châteauvieux),
a blurry photo but a memorable night!
and visited the Bernese Oberland for waterfall chasing and paragliding. Seriously. 
Post coming up soon!
We also took a daytrip to the Lavaux vineyards, a short trip outside Geneva! So no little scoop/big scoop because this is a short, picture-filled, post! No, my husband is not behind the camera – just working really hard on another Monday! Yes – I am very, very grateful. 🙏
The vineyard terraces are a UNESCO Heritage site and truly spectacular. It’s a stretch from Lausanne to Montreux to the Chateau de Chillon you saw in our Montreux trip.
It’s over an 8 hour hike (with consistent yellow signs throughout to guide you) if you walked from start to finish – we decided to just do a short portion!
We traveled by train about ~50 minutes to Lutry and while it was too early in the season to jump on the much lauded Wine Express Train, we hoped to visit some open wineries. Unfortunately, it was a Monday and just did NOT work out. However, we were treated to a huge day of hiking, and gorgeous views and beautiful weather! And we still found a way to get our grape fix over lunch!
Some shots from our strolls through terrace paradise!
Lake Geneva never ceases to stun!

Because I was in the US this past month for bridal and baby celebrations, I sadly missed the region’s caves ouvertes”  – Open Cellars Day – and I so hope to be at the next one! Just 20 CHF for tasting (and some transportation!) at endless winery options.

We walked all the way back to Lausanne for a  drink (we earned one after crazy uphill hikes with no open wineries!!) and after a stroll around Old Town, we took the 40 minute train back to Geneva.

It was a spectacular day trip and I so look forward to going back with future guests – for a more lucrative wine day, of course! 🍷
Coming up next –  paragliding in lauterbrunnen!

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