Bonjour from America!

Hi all,

It’s true – I’m already back in the US. And just barely – a traveler tip, if you forget you put an apple in your backpack at 4AM in Geneva, you might be rushed by a German shepherd at the Philadelphia Airport if you did not declare your forgotten produce 14 hours later, and receive a lecture that you could have destroyed America’s agricultural supply by bringing in foreign fruit and have narrowly avoided an exorbitant fine and loss of global entry privileges. I know, it’s so great to see America’s priorities in order when its returning citizens are just seeking some fiber in their lives. So just stick to chocolate as a plane snack.

Anyway, I know, I’m already back when I just got to Switzerland!

Friday marked 9 weeks since we touched down!

Since then, we found an apartment in Eaux-Vives (washing machine and last Ikea items were finally delivered last week!), met some lovely fellow expats, and have been enjoying an embarrassment of riches in the form of incredible visits from our family and close friends – and traveled with them… a lot.

So far we have …

I know – my heart is bursting with gratitude to have experienced so much in such a short period of time.

But wait, Nicole – lots of those links are missing. You’re right! I promise – I’m working on each post and will have them all finished by the time I return to Geneva in a few weeks. And in the meantime, so that all of these posts are properly organized, I wanted to share that I added a travel tracker page, divided by country. You can Pin it, bookmark it and return whenever you are looking for something – and as the new posts are published, I will add their respective links there.

New Page Here!

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