What We Saw: First Trip to Geneva

When we first arrived, I learned that the Jet d’Eau was off, the Stettler Chocolate Factory was closed to ramp up Christmas production, Mount Salève was closed for maintenance, the umbrellas were down in Carouge and yet – we had an amazing visit.

Climbing up St. Pierre’s Cathedral in Old Town in the rain,

and in the sun.

[The Cathedral it was built between 1160 – 1252! best view in the city and just 5 CHF to climb up – no entrance fee to visit the Church itself]

Strolling through the beautiful neighborhood of Carouge, which holds twice-weekly markets and feels like stepping right into an Italian fairytale.

Taking a breather on the “longest bench in the world” at the Promenade La Treille

[built in 1767 and made of 180 wooden boards at 413 feet long]

Enjoying gorgeous autumn all around town

Checking out Switzerland’s serious watch obsession.

Why is a Swiss watch such a “thing” ? John Calvin, one of the core leaders of Protestant Reformation brought a more puritanical viewpoint to Geneva- all jewelry was banned, but timepieces were considered practical essentials, so they were permitted. They became their own status symbol – and there you have it! This is the world-famous Geneva Flower Clock [L’horloge fleurie in French!] built in 1955 and updated throughout the year with seasonal blooms.

Simultaneously enjoying espresso and a glass of wine while watching the sunset on Lac Léman.

Yes, Geneva is not an inexpensive city – but for my money, this might have been the best 7 CHF I spent all trip.

All that – and we haven’t even done the United Nations yet!  We are feeling so fortunate to be calling this new city home in just a few months!

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  1. Carly says:

    Can’t wait to visit!

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