What I Ate: Clean Edition

Switzerland has a reputation for hearty “stick to your ribs” fare, and for delicious reason (see birthday cheese extravaganza.) But I was thrilled upon my first trip to find the health conscious scene alive and well. Check out some of my favorites so far…

Thanks to the wonder that is Instagram (are you following the blog yet?) I found the Green Gorilla cafe. I inhaled an açai bowl with apples, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries the morning after fondue and could almost hear my digestive system exhaling. I mentioned that I had recently completed the Whole30 (plus, again, a few glasses of wine.) I don’t have any major food insensitivities, but it was a great gut reset and reassured me that anytime I need to clean up my diet- ditching daily dairy, simple carbs, and added sugar is the way to go. So after a dairy filled dinner, a bowl at the  Green Gorilla was perfect.They also serve pre-made superfood salads, cold pressed juices and smoothies, poke bowls, and more. I will be back!

Next, I visited vegan kitchen/superfood store/yoga/Pilates studio – essentially, health wonderland – Alive in the Eaux-Vives neighborhood.

I am unequivocally NOT vegan and have no plans to be, but their kale salad [Kale, endives, oranges, dates, almonds, graines (millet, quinoa, etc..), tofu ‘feta’] could make a girl change her tune. I have never liked tofu before eating their “feta” version and enjoyed every bite. Upon our move, I plan to check out a Pilates class for sure and will bring lunch home with me!

I had read online that I might struck out in the grocery stores in finding options like paleo brands as well as brands like Old El Paso and Thai Kitchen for Mexican and Asian options, etc. – it was excellent to see the opposite was true by just a cursory look in Manor and Globus!

I’m told to absolutely bring over some pantry staples like baking soda, vanilla extract, etc. but am relieved to see that eating clean (while expensive just like the US) will be very achievable in Switzerland!

Would love any and all suggestions about organic spots to check out in Geneva, or, what I should be sure to pack with me!

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